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About Us


When the word “healthy” is deployed to describe food or drinks, it is usually assumed that the content will either be bitter, blend, or tasteless. Adding the sugar or processed sweetener minimizes the intended health effect, which deduces the overall reality about sugar. Established in 2017, JuicyDrop introduces cold pressed juice bar that is healthy and tasty to Atlanta. Further, adding drops of our juice in every smoothie, acai bowl, ingredients and salad dressing delivers healthy outcomes in particular for the tasted buds. How amazing is it to have TASTY as well as HEALTHY delicacies!

What we believe

Indeed, fascinating things begin with honesty. We press our juice using honest vegetables and fruits fresh from the farmers. The product is definitely the real honest juice that is unmixed from sugar, additives, and water elements and unprocessed through the Hpp or pasteurization procedures.

100% cold pressed