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100% cold pressed Juice

Centrifugal VS Cold pressed

Juice means the liquid, or juice, that comes from squeezing fruits and veggies. Solid particles such as pulps and remaining pieces of fruit actually have no nutrients and even harm the absorbability when introduced to the body. Not only do the pulps fail aesthetically, but also prevent the consumer from enjoying a uniform experience of the juice and that of the aftertaste. In the past, big juice companies have began using concentrates for cost reduction and also started to insert pulps as a way of increasing the volume of the juice easily. Furthermore, advertisements and marketing on television and other media have emphasized that only juice containing pulp are "real," resulting people to still believe that juice with floating remainings are better. We believe that that is because they have not yet come across proper cold-pressed juice. We reduce waste of expensive organics and utilize gentle pressing extractions that minimize friction eliminating heat, which means that you can feel unaltered tastes from our product. It also provides the body with a large bio-available volume of the freshest organic fruits and veggies. When you see the picture, the obvious visual difference may be the way in which the juice is separated. This is believed to be caused by heat and oxidation, which is observed in centrifugal juices because of how the juices are extracted. The produce is chopped up and placed in a fast-spinning screen, which forces the juice out using centrifugal force. Compare that process to that of the cold-press, in which the produce is also chopped up, but gently but firmly squeezed by a press machine, like a nice massage. Happy juice results from happy fruit.

100% cold pressed

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  • This is the first time in my life I have completed a 3 day cleanse. I feel amazing and 10-lbs lighter. I have a 5 day cleanse till dinner on its way now. I recommend this product

    Anna Thompson
  • I loved these juices. I even had a hard time actually drinking them all it was so much! Can't say I didn't cheat a little at night, but this really did restart my system and I feel great now

    Rick Dempsey
  • Absolutely love JuicyDrop! This juice cleanse is fantastic. I have recommended to coworkers and now several friends have purchased and are now juicing!

    Gill Sans